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Rescue Rabbit

Rescue Rabbit

Available March 1

Make way for the greatest adventure any bunny has ever seen! When Nano’s grandfather falls mysteriously ill, the courageous grandson and his best friend Lilly must use a miniaturization machine to shrink down to micro-size and embark on a perilous journey to save him. Nano and Lilly turn to Rappel the Rabbit for help, as he’s the only one who can guide the sprite-sized heroes through the confusing maze! With time ticking down, the daring trio must hop to it, and prove that you don’t have to be big to be brave!


Selling Points

  • Based on a popular book series

  • High quality 3D, HD stereoscopic animation

  • A fun-filled adventure for the whole family


  • Peter Claridge


  • WunderWerk


  • Family, Animated 



  • Mike McAlpine

  • Julie Ann Dean

  • Lizzie Waterworth-Santo 

Marketing Plan

Social Media

  • Run social media contests 

  • Create a social media content calendar



  • Focus targeted outreach on additional niche demographics

  • Create turnkey components for Mommy Bloggers bloggers to easily post and share, including kid-friendly activities, images & clips


  • Slideshow presentation

  • 'Get to know the character' cards